November 20th 2017, is our official 40 days’ prayer crusade in the City of Saint-Marc thru December 31st 2017.

Here are the topics of the 7 weeks’ prayer crusade:

  • Repentance & confession,
  • Forgiveness & reconciliation,
  • Renounce of all witchcrafts & all demonic covenant made by our forefathers with Satan,
  • Break the curses upon our land
  • Expel demons out of our families, our cities and our government institutions,
  • Blessings
  • Fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit & Revival

GPA: Is looking for anointed Pastors and evangelists to preach during our six-week crusade.  Join hands with us in prayer to break that curse and demolish Satan stronghold over my country Haiti.

We’re looking for prayer warriors and intercessors to sign up and pray twice a week Tuesday and Thursday till our upcoming crusade Beginning November 20th 2017, thru December 31st 2017.

Short list things that are needed for the Crusade

  • 4 Outdoor PA System $ 70.000
  • faaf
  • 5 Stage Monitors $ 5.000
  • af
  • Mixer
  • Power Generator
  • Microphones
  • Equalizer
  • Seismic Audio 32 Charnel
  • Suppression Processor

We estimated that we would need at least $ 250.000 to run the 40 days Crusade

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